Tuesday, 15 November 2011


This month's challenge on Sarahscards is to think NEGATIVE. Nat suggests interpreting this word however you wish. I've interpreted it several ways.

1) You may look at this LO and think - "That's a layout? Really?" There are NO embellishments NO patterned paper (shocking for me I know) and NO fancy paper folding or other techniques.
No=negative right?

2) The main part of the title is made by spraying over masks leaving a NEGATIVE space.

3) The subject matter could be seen as negative. It's not about how lovely my son is. Nor is it about what a lovely day we had the day we ..... etc It is all about his speech issues - or lack of speech. The journalling explains it all. You may see this as me being negative about Sam, but I feel it is an important part of his life, especially if his communication issues continue as he gets older (which unfortunately I was told yesterday they possibly will). Last year when Josh was in hospital some people may have thought it was odd to take photos of him so ill and then to scrapbook them. I wanted to do it to help him remember what it was like and how brave he was. Plus it is important to document some of the NEGATIVE as well as loads of the POSITIVE.

So take a look, have a read, but focus on the positive for me would you? Because he is gorgeous and lovely and we do have lovely days the day we..... etc


Cath said...

That's a lovely LO, Jen & it's so positively worded :) Love that last piece that leads into the title!

Louise said...

What a fab LO... who needs patterned papers and fancy embellishments. Your journalling is lovely, and I also like the way it leads to your title. I'm sure Sam will get there eventually, and like you say, if he doesn't... so what. Sam's ace... Harry said so!

Helen said...

This is really, really fantastic. Love all the journaling. They'll be glad that you recorded these things when they're older x

Nat said...

It's fab Jen! I really do love how you've used the negative theme. Sam is gorgeous, and as you say whether his speech comes or not - hh's still awesome. I think it's impossible to document all aspects of life, the good and the not so good - especially something so important. Sam will thank you when he's older :) xxx

Scattychick said...

Came to re-read it again today and it made me cry again it is a beautiful page filled with emotion and joy and I love the photo you used. My brother needed speech therapy and I hope and pray it works as well for your little boy as it did for him xxx