Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Monday Mini Crop

Well it turns out back to school didn't have to be the end of ourMonday Mini Crops. We have less time but also less kids so it's not all bad ;) Sam and Oliver had fun playing Bobs and Firemen all day and Baby George tried to eat our toys all whilst the two mummies played with pretty paper. Here's what I got done:

I'm sure I saw the scraps/handstitched heart thingie on Pinterest but I didn't repin it so it's origin is lost. Sam was engrossed in the Bob the Builder show at Butlins and I spent the whole show watching him enjoy it.

This one is those fab posing photos from our holiday in Scotland - go James! Hmmmm the scan is not great - the faux stitching goes all the way around the edge :)
TFL don't forget to say hi xxx

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Last week I saw this on Helen's pinterest board:

When I picked up four photos of Sam to scrap it popped into my mind. All I could remember was the strips and the circles. So this is what I came up with:

I'm sure Helen will spot my mistake.... she usually does ;) I used "Campy Trails" again and no whiff of a campsite ;)

Helen is coming over to play with paper on Monday....erm... I meant so Sam and Oliver can see each other!! so hopefully I'll have more to share then.


Saturday, 17 September 2011

Just checking in

I've had too much going on since "back to school" to do as much scrapping as I did over the Summer :(
Busy and tired and CBAitis. So why is it that at 9.47pm tonight I suddenly feel like scrapping? I know if I start now I'll be up L.A.T.E!!!! so I am going to resist the urge and blog instead. These photos were taken in the back of the car on the way to Butlins - gotta love and device that keeps the boys happy and quiet(ish) on a long car trip! I already posted the photo of Josh on his DS.

This one is a bit flat and unfinished looking. I reckon I'll be having another play with it soon. If anyone suggests a hot air balloon I will BLOCK THEM FROM M?Y BLOG!!! lol ;) Can you tell that those a DCWV Christmas papers BTW? I don't reckon you can, can you?

And here is the biggest boy - the one who started the DS craze :)
I still haven't spent my £20 prize from Sarahscards.... what to buy???

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sunday Crop

On Sunday Helen and I spent the day at Lou's scrapping the day away. Even though they were HORRIBLE to me and tried to make me use hot air balloon stamps for NO REASON I still managed these two layouts.
So not about hot air balloons, no no, it's about my Joshy having all his hair cut off. I resisted the urge to jouranal the fact that I think he looks like he had his head shaved after an infestation of nits!! Of course he hadn't, he simply wanted to be the same as his big brother. I didn't like it :( too short.

This one is a cute piccie of Sammy playing Guitar Hero at Butlins. I have had the papers FOR EVER and finally got to use them :) See this Lou and Helen???? Guitars on the papers + Guitars on photo =
TFL folks x

Today's the day!

This little boy starts Reception: 

This little boy starts pre-school:

And this BIG boy starts the junior school!

My 3 boys!