Monday, 7 November 2011

A little bit of awesome.

I made these little pretties for my little dudes whilst I was away at the Sarahscards Retreat this weekend. The "Jubbly" gift box was one of the make-n-takes we were teaching over the weekend. Each one is super easy to make from just a piece of 6x4 and some adhesive. I added some Amy Tangerine washi tape just because I love it. They had sweeties inside waiting for the boys to rip them open without really looking at the prettiness that mummy SLAVED OVER!!!!!!! haha ;) If you didn't come to the retreat a) why not? b) poor you c) let me know if you want a "how to" and I'll type one out for you.


Nat said...

hehehe :) Awesome! Aww gutted the boys didn't even stop to admire the beauty and skill of of the teaming of the Chap paper with the mix tape - sheer perfection ;) Bet they enjoyed the sweeties though. Had a fab time, ta for your company my lovely xx

Gems said...

Ah they look fab :) xx

Cath said...

I'm thinking of doing some christmassy ones of these next... (see, I did learn something ;) !!)