Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Not perfect

My lovely mum-in-law took this photo of Josh and Sam a while back to show me how they had spent some of their time together when I was at work. They are watching TV quite happily together. Apparently they quite often sit in this chair together to watch TV but on this day Sam had slung his arm around his big brother and they were all snuggled up. The photo is out of focus and blurry but so what? It captures such a cute moment I had to scrap it - hence the title. The title also reflects the layout - not perfect! I was loving it, then I out the heart mask on and misted and it looked NAFF. Then I tried to save it, tried to save it a bit more..... and I'm not loving it. Ah well - the title says it all.
This one is inspired by Gems at Sarahscards with her post about using banners. Josh didn't want to pose for hours like James did, he just wanted to explore the rock pools. Thankfully he managed one quick pose before he adventured off away from me and my camera! I used Jillybean Soup papers (for both LO's actually) and my fab 83p postage stamp punch ;)
Have a great Tuesday (I love Tuesday! No kids!!)
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Gems said...

Oh my gosh that photo of the boys is adorable :) So cute! The layout is gorgeous too. That little typewriter is fab.
And loving the banners on the second one :) xx