Monday, 31 October 2011

My scanner/printer isn't happy :(

 I have one of those all in one scanner/printer HP thingies and every now and then it throws a wobbler. It was scanning fine and printing naff, so I fixed it. Now it's printing perfectly and scanning a bit iffy! I have 3 layouts to share but one of the scans is so naff I can't post it - I'll try again tomorrow. these scan's will do for now.

Here are my boys playing scared on holiday in Scotland. There was a coastal walk with one huge garden that was filled with sculptures and statues - some of which were a bit spooky!!! So of course my little actors played scared!!! I bought a few sheets of Bella Blvd "Too cute to spook" with that "hmm I'll never use it, but it's cute so I'm going to buy it" feeling. Happily I went down a "less is more" route with it and it worked. Of course it means I have loads of it left... and I'll never use it.... but it's cute..... lol ;)

 This LO is also in Scotland and also has a little ham actor in it! Sammy was sulking about a frisbee for goodness sake! He is so good at sulking I thought I'd document it to torment him with in future years!
Isn't that why we scrap??? lol

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