Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Last Scrapbooking Day

Today is the last day that Josh and I can scrapbook just the two of us. We usually sit down together on a Tuesday morning whilst James is at school and Sam is in bed. The next few Tuesdays will be Summer hols so the big boy will be around, then after that the middle sized boy will be at school everyday :( hopefully James will play along during school holidays but it certainly won't be the chilled out hour that Joshy and I have together. I have a photo of him at his little scrapping table next to mine - I think I will use that for my next LO.

This morning I have just finished this LO of my neice Rowen. It has taken me 8 months to realise that if I start an album just for Ro Ro I can use WAY MORE PINK STASH!!! Watch out Sarahscards - a stash splurge is coming ;) I've had the Prima Marketing "say it in crystals" shape for ages and not found a use for it. I decided to chop it into smaller shapes to go around the bottom corner of the photo - much nicer than the huge shape it was :)
This one is my scrapping buddy himself being a crazy dude in the garden.




Helsbells said...

Love the pink Rowan layout :D Looked gorgeous in real life, especially love the butterflies and swirls x

Louise said...

Wow, Rowen got big!!! Love the use of the crystals.... I always really like them but never really get to use them... maybe i should scrap picks of Rowen for your album too... lol!!!
Love the way you have border punched down the photo too... veriy clever!

Nat said...

Fab layouts Jen - I agree about the crystal things, I love 'em, but always find chopping them up makes them easier to use :) Hope you find some quiet time over the holidays that you and the little one can scrap ;) xxx