Sunday, 24 July 2011


I went off my stamps for ages and I'm trying to get back to using them more. These two LO's ease me back into using them just a tiny, weeny bit!
These photos are James at my cousin's firestation, but the LO is about the many things he wants to be when he grows up - including a fire fighter. (Just one tiny stamp in the corner, and I don't particularly like it!!) This is James and Sam in the "rain" on a sunny day. The rain coming from Daddy's hose pipe! The sunflower stamp was a late addition as I felt the space needed something else. I like this one and I'll carry on trying to stamp more on LO's as I have loads of cool stamps.

Thanks for looking :) Have a good Sunday :)



Nat said...

Your cousin has a fire station?! Is he single? Can i swap him for my mint-aero stealing fiance do you think?! ;) Gorgeous layouts, I'm trying to stamp more too so will be keeping an eye on your for some inspiration :) xxx

Helsbells said...

I was sure that I'd commented on the last layout but clearly not. I love the sunshine, clouds and raindrops together. Really works well :)

Louise said...

lol... Natalie and the stolen mint aero!!!

I love that there sunflower stamp MrsGa... you may need to borrow me that at some point in t'future ;-)
Grgeous LOs... I'm dead chuffed you're blogging again