Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sunday Crop

On Sunday Helen and I spent the day at Lou's scrapping the day away. Even though they were HORRIBLE to me and tried to make me use hot air balloon stamps for NO REASON I still managed these two layouts.
So not about hot air balloons, no no, it's about my Joshy having all his hair cut off. I resisted the urge to jouranal the fact that I think he looks like he had his head shaved after an infestation of nits!! Of course he hadn't, he simply wanted to be the same as his big brother. I didn't like it :( too short.

This one is a cute piccie of Sammy playing Guitar Hero at Butlins. I have had the papers FOR EVER and finally got to use them :) See this Lou and Helen???? Guitars on the papers + Guitars on photo =
TFL folks x


Helen said...

Nah, I reckon what that layout needs is an Eiffel Tower and a donkey!

Great work :D

Gems said...

Definitely needs an Eiffel Tower, and perhaps a 'Good golly gee whizz' stamp for sure!
Lovely layouts :) The photo of Sammy with the guitar is so cute! xx

Louise said...

See that space in the top left corner of the guitar LO is PERFECT for a hot air balloon! We'll get you stamping one before you know it... failing that, I'll stamp one onto your LO while you go to make coffee ;)

Nat said...

lol@ the random stamping, can't beat it!! Personally, I love sticking owls on layouts that have nothing to do with owls. And why would anyone want to do that? I don't know -I'm still searching for the answer, but in the mean time I continue to embrace randomness in scrapbooking! Tis art, dahhhlings!
Love the guitar layout, it rocks!! xxxx