Saturday, 17 September 2011

Just checking in

I've had too much going on since "back to school" to do as much scrapping as I did over the Summer :(
Busy and tired and CBAitis. So why is it that at 9.47pm tonight I suddenly feel like scrapping? I know if I start now I'll be up L.A.T.E!!!! so I am going to resist the urge and blog instead. These photos were taken in the back of the car on the way to Butlins - gotta love and device that keeps the boys happy and quiet(ish) on a long car trip! I already posted the photo of Josh on his DS.

This one is a bit flat and unfinished looking. I reckon I'll be having another play with it soon. If anyone suggests a hot air balloon I will BLOCK THEM FROM M?Y BLOG!!! lol ;) Can you tell that those a DCWV Christmas papers BTW? I don't reckon you can, can you?

And here is the biggest boy - the one who started the DS craze :)
I still haven't spent my £20 prize from Sarahscards.... what to buy???


Louise said...

I quite agree, I hot air balloon would be SO wrong for this LO.

Have you considered a donkey? As you were on the way to the seaside, this would be very acceptable for this LO....

Nat said...

They've got some lovely random stamps in the shop if you've still not spent your voucher.......:)

Congrats, really deserved win!