Monday, 23 April 2012


Have you ever bought papers only to put them on your desk and think "Wtf did I buy these for???" No? Just me? I doubt it. Anyway, I bought these Jillybean "Monster Stew" papers quite a while ago and have used bits of them. I had an urge to use up old stash recently and had a trawl through my papers. Despite the fact I filled a pizza box with papers I am sure I will never use, I told myself I could do something with these. To my surprise I actually enjoyed the LO. Ok, so I didn't use much of the papers, but I did use up lots of old AC Thickers. It was fast; I didn't put too much thought into it; and I think it's funny ;) (H's face is pixellated (sp?) as he isn't my kiddo)

It's my turn over on Srahscards in a few days, so watch this space :)

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Nat said...

You've been a busy bee missus! Loving your DT work :) And I'm with you on the wtf thing - I have BOXES of "crap" paper.....of course I could't ever part with it in case my style changes or the papers come back into fashion, innit mun ;) !! xxx